About Us

Donair Kebab - Where Calgary's Donair Love Story Continues

Donair Kebab isn't just a restaurant, it's a testament to Calgary's love for this iconic dish. Our story began in 2022 when Mohammad Azam, a visionary with a deep love for Donair, brought a suitcase full of dreams and a secret family donair recipe to Calgary.

Mohammad wasn't just passionate about food, he was passionate about sharing his family's legacy. Back home, their donair shop was more than just a place to eat; it was a community hub, a place where the aroma of spiced meat, creamy sauce, and warm pita bread brought people together. Calgary, with its open spirit and adventurous taste buds, felt like the perfect place to continue that tradition.

Mohammad started small, setting up a booth at local events and fairs. The response was electric. Calgarians were hooked on the unique blend of spices, the melt-in-your-mouth meat, and the overflowing portions. It wasn't long before the demand outgrew a single booth.

From the very beginning, we knew we weren't just serving food, we were weaving Donair Kebab into the fabric of Calgary's culinary scene.

2 years may have passed since our founding in 2022, but our dedication to quality and heritage remains unwavering. We still rely on Mohammad's family recipe, a secret passed down through generations. Whenever possible, we source our ingredients locally, ensuring freshness and supporting our city's farmers and businesses.

We might not be the first donair shop in Calgary, but we strive to be the best. As a family-run business, we treat our customers like family. We believe in the power of delicious food to connect people, and that's the magic we aim to create with every donair we serve.

So, the next time Calgary's unique food cravings hit, come visit Donair Kebab. We'd love to share our family legacy with you, one unforgettable donair at a time.